☕ Did you really think I'd flake out after the 1st issue?

Hi friends. We made it - issue two ✌🏻 and I've collected a lot of shiny things over the last couple o
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Hi friends. We made it - issue two ✌🏻 and I’ve collected a lot of shiny things over the last couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy!
(thanks for the feedback and constant reminders John 😉)

📖 Reads
“The moment of cold reality doesn’t hit until you look at your calendar and find that you have five different commitments at 4 p.m. next Tuesday and not a free evening until 2021. A fog of anxiety descends, good intentions are dashed and the bailer starts bailing.”
Ed: Oh man. I usually try to actively stay away from “doom and gloom” negativity-fuelled reading, but this one struck a chord. “Professional bailing” - we’re all guilty of it, and it’s so prevalent in my social circles. I’m guilty of it too, in case you wondered…
“You can differentiate yourself by being as honest as you can. Just remember to root your honesty in what will actually have utility for the other party. This will set a good tone for all future conversations.”
Ed: I’m not great at being “well-connected”. I don’t think I’m even “adequately-connected”. So this was an interesting read for me.
Ed: Such a great photo essay. Serves to remind us all how some people’s livelihood is so far removed from the bubble we’re in.
▶️ Videos
10 Hours Of Relaxing Planet Earth II Jungle Sounds - Earth Unplugged - YouTube
Ed: Put this on in the background - you don’t even need to watch the video if you’re working. The BBC released this series of 10-HOUR(!) videos of ambient footage from their Planet Earth series. Now I just need to throw a party and have it playing on the TV.
Jamie xx Boiler Room Reykjavík DJ Set - YouTube
Ed: Again, this isn’t really something to sit down and watch. But if you do throw that party, perhaps blend the audio of this with the BBC wildlife video above 👌🏻 You can also get the audio on Soundcloud.
🎙 Podcasts
#87 — Triggered by Waking Up with Sam Harris | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Ed: This is some of the most important discussion I’ve listened to for months, and I’d urge you to listen to it too. It’s an interview with Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert). Scott is a vocal Trump supporter. You owe it to yourself to listen to an intelligent, considered discussion between these two sides.
The brilliant thing about Sam Harris and his interviews is that he’s constantly seeking, searching around for disagreement. Because to him, the areas of conflict and disagreement are where the respectful, interesting discussions happen.
🤓 Other nerdy things
  • I persuaded the owners of OSLO Kaffeebar in Berlin to share their Spotify playlists. Did you know they’re all musicians? No wonder they have such good taste in music… here are the playlists they play every day.
  • Audm (app) - just launched last week, Audm takes long-form articles from magazines like Esquire, Wired, The Atlantic etc. and records them in audio format with a professional narrator. The result is something between a podcast and an audiobook. Really nice! My tip? Grab a trial account, then listen to the 2-part piece on the story of Silk Road. I got completely sucked in.
  • Brain.fm, which I use to play weird noises while I’m working to help me focus.
💬 Final word
Currently trying to write something I’ve been working on for a while - with a bit of luck you’ll see it in the next issue!
Oh - and if you find something amazing on the internetz, send it to me! I’d love to read it.
See y'all next time 👋
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